By David Maxson

There’s an old story about a couple who had been married several years sitting at a traffic light behind a young couple who were sitting close to each other in a pickup truck. The young man had his arm around his young bride who was snuggled up close to him. (This is back when trucks had bench seats.) The wife saw this young couple sitting so close and asked her husband in an accusatory tone, “Why don’t we sit close like that anymore?” The husband looked across the bench seat to his wife sitting way on the other side and replied, “Who moved?” If I am feeling distant from God… If I feel like there is something lacking in my relationship with him… If I’m getting frustrated with God because I fear he’s left me or abandoned me, perhaps I need to take a hard look at myself and imagine in those moments God looking down at me and asking the same question this old man asked of his wife. “Who moved?”

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