By Randy Yerby

“Showing up” may not be 80% of our success, as Woody Allen famously said, but who can really deny how important “showing up” truly is?!?! Think with me about the things we “show up” for, the things we wouldn’t consider missing, and those things we cavalierly take for granted. How long would we keep our jobs if we didn’t “show up”? How long would we be in business as an owner if we didn’t “show up”? What would happen to our family connections if we just didn’t “show up”? How would my favorite sports team (The Browns) survive if I didn’t “show up” in front of the television on Sundays to root them on? How could I not “show up” for a meal? How can I simply not “show up” for my workout session today? The point is we clearly see wherein all of the above “showing up” matters to us and not “showing up” is detrimental to us: to our wallet, to our relationships, and to our personal well-being. Yet, in the one relationship that should mean the most to each of us, we will often regularly fail to “show up” to worship our creator. I lament this all to present the Christian condition.

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